Y Griega

Plant’s growth begins with a spectacular effect, so it is highly advisable to grow it in SCROG, because becomes more manageable.
Unlike other sativas, this plant surprises us with a robust production of large and extremely resinous buds, covering all stems.

In an analysis by gas chromatography Canna Resort has achieved the highest level of THC among all our plants. Y Griega maintains a classic haze scent, which is combined with a slight sweet touch that makes it stand out. Its effect begins with an energy jolt slowly fired in a state of alertness and relaxation. Especially recommended for diseases requiring high levels of THC as glaucoma.

Y-griega Medical Seeds

Y-griega Medical Seeds

80% Sativa 20% Indica

Growing season indoors: 1-2 weeks.

Indoor flowering period: 12-13.5 weeks.

Indoor production / m2: 500 gr.

Height outdoors: Can reach 3.5 m in height.

Harvest in outside: early November.

Outdoor production / plant: 500-600 gr.

THC: Very high.

CBD: Very low.

Genotype: A cross between x Kali Mist Amnesia Haze.



1 Exhaust Mechanical – Cannabis Social Clubs Cup 2014 – Barcelona

1 Extraction (Shatter) – Cannabis Social Clubs Cup 2014 – Barcelona

2nd Best Sativa – Cannabis Social Clubs Cup 2014 – Barcelona

2nd Solvent Extractions – Cannabis Association MC – 2014 Miranda de Ebro

2nd Best Sativa – TreatingYourself Canada Cup 2012

1 Extraction – Canary Cannabis Cup 2011

3rd Interior – Ala Cannabis Cup 2010

Interior 1 – Canary Cannabis Cup 2009

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