White Satin by Mandala seeds

White Satin¬†was named after the famous song “Nights in White Satin” from the legendary Moody Blues. The name was also inspired by the typically long, silky-white pistils, which remain unusually fresh until harvest, and the frosty resin coating of the colas.

White Satin was a unique hybrid with fresh genetics and had no relation whatsoever to any Dutch “white strains”.
This was one of the four standard Mandala varieties in our catalogue. White Satin earned her place in cannabis history by growing like an indica but offering a happy, “giggly”, and upbeat social high. When we first introduced White Satin a substantial number of growers in Europe reported to have never experienced a potent upbeat high, completely paranoia-free, in a strain with such a short flowering time.

Another remarkable feature was her ability to flower well under low-light. Later we enhanced the “stealthiness” of White Satin in the second edition by reducing the odour level to a minimum. With so many beneficial features offered in one variety, White Satin remained very popular among the cannabis community. Although we would have very much liked to continue this genetic line, we also have to periodically make space for new creations.

Growers will find several features popularized by White Satin in some of our other varieties. For example, we recommend the new edition of Kalichakra and Mandala #1 for low odour “stealth” cultivation.

This strain is no longer produced

Source : mandalaseeds.com


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