White Gold Seeds by White Label

A very special breed of cannabis – a mostly-Indica hybrid, producing sweet, syrupy resin and an excellent yield. White Gold’s dense flower formation is enhanced with a unique fruity aroma and backed up by Indica power. These seeds have Sativa in their breeding history which adds a pleasant ‘up’ to the high.
Like many Indica-dominant strains, leaves and flowers can turn purple in low temperatures.


  • Regular strain White Gold is a regular strain, which will produce male and female plants.
  • Sunny / MediterraneanWhite Gold can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.
  • Average height gainWhite Gold will have average height gain during flowering.
  • Short flowering period (50 – 65 days)White Gold will have a comparatively short flowering time.
  • XXL YieldWhite Gold can produce an outrageous amount of weed, but may require a little extra attention.
  • 40% Sativa / 60% IndicaThe White Gold is a Sativa / Indica Hybrid.

Source : whitelabelseeds.com


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