Train Wreck Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy Train Wreck medical marijuana is by far the quintessential Sativa strain that sets the bar “extremely higher” than any other. Even more importantly when it comes to the medical usage, this vine like hybrid is arguably one of the strongest strains offered in the medical collectives and dispensaries today. Ultimate respect is due for this excellent breed that shows uniformity in its dense solid packed, light green buds that are thin stemmed with small calyxes and hardly any leaves. This extremely potent hybrids resin production begins almost immediately in flower and can cover the entire plant in a dripping blanket of thick crystals, quicker than you can say…

Train wreck GDP

Train wreck | Grand daddy purp

Jack Frost! The aroma is overwhelming, and the extremely pungent scent of pine, with a healthy dash of citrus smooth creates a sweet smell and sharp taste, both at the same time that seduces the nose and prickles the palate with its tartness.

This combination is refreshingly unique and a signature identifier of this most amazing strain. Our Grand Daddy Train Wreck’s medicinal properties are very strong which helped coin its name “The Pain Strain” Also it is excellent in the treatment of depression, migraines, anxiety, joint and bone discomfort, appetite stimulant as well as nausea, cramps associated with PMS, muscle aches, and helps ease some pain caused by nerve damage.

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