Tikal Pack Breeders Pack Standard by Ace Seeds

In Tikal Breeders Pack, we offer you the best genetics available from this central american hybrid, characterized by its woody, sweet and incensey aromas, and by its clean, creative, psychedelic effects that makes the user laugh happily, remembering the best old mexican sativas.

The strain has been developed by Komanche in the last 10 years.
We offer you in a single pack our best Tikal lines between 3rd and 6th generations of breeding.

Description of the mother parental plants:

F5 strawberry/central american Tikals: These mothers represent the Tikal’s archetype of strawberries aromas, sour, woody and spicy tastes of central american sativa, with powerful, crazy and funny effects that make you laugh easily. Tamed, manageable and branchy structure. The yield is average and the flowering time is around 11 weeks.

F5 incensey/strawberry/peach Tikals: These mothers come from our best feminized Tikal lines released in 2008. They are the strongest Tikals, with more complex aromas. It has highest incense presence, also with interesting variations between strawberry bubblegum and peach. The effect is very psychedelic and creative, although more introspective. Tamed, manageable and branchy structure. The yield is average-high, and the flowering time around 11 weeks.

F2 Guatemala/Old Haze Tikals: These Tikals come from the first generations of the hybrid, displaying a more Guatemala sativa landrace profile and with higher influence of the Haze used in the first breeding steps of the hybrid. This line shows older and less refined woody and incensey aromas. It has a clean and refreshing effect of medium potency without physical heaviness that reminds you of a good thai. The structure is lankier and taller compared with the more recent generations. Average yield and flowering time of 11-12 weeks.

Tikal Breeders Pack Standard contains 3 standard lines (10 standard seeds/ per line) :

– Central America pheno: F5 strawberry/central american Tikals x F2 and F5 males.

– Central America/Hazy pheno: F5 incensey/strawberry/peach Tikals x F2 and F5 males.

– Old Hazy pheno: Old F2 Tikals x F2 and F5 males.

To create the standard stock we used different F2 and F5 males.

Additional Information

Format Standard
Sativa / Indica ratio 75 % sativa / 25 % indica
THC 15-20%
CBD Below 0.5 %
CBG Up to 2 %
Flowering indoors 10 weeks
Flowering outdoors 3rd week of October
Yield Average-High
Resistance against spider mites Average-High
Resistance against powder mildew Average-High
Resistance against botrytis High
Resistance against white fly Average-High
Resistance against cold Average-High
Resistance against heat High
Latitude 0º-45º
Genetics (Guatemala sativa x Kush/Haze) x Guatemala.
Structure Well-proportioned branchy sativa.
Bouquet The flowers smell sweet like strawberry chewing gum. With woody, hazy/incensey and sour notes when smoked.
High Warm sativa experience of mind and body, without agitation or anxiety.
Growing Tips Excellent adaptability to indoor growing.

Outdoors, it is also a very adaptable plant that has been successfully grown for years in temperate latitudes, and even in cold climates such as in southern France.

Excellent sativa to develop vigorous hybrids, with clean uplifting effects and sweet strawberry incensey aromas of american sativa.

We recommend average fertilizer levels for the whole cycle.

Source : aceseeds.org


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