samsara cannabis seeds bank

Samsara Seeds was conceived as a seed bank that seeks to offer its customers not only cannabis seeds, but also a lifestyle choice and an understanding of cannabis.

They are constantly adapting to changing circumstances in search of new experiences to offer growers of our seeds.



Samsara Seeds believe that there should be a balance between the seeds they offer to the customers and their needs. This is Samsara Seeds philosophy,their attitude to life and it is totally valid and useful to face the challenges they meet every day. Samsara Seeds strains are developed according to these concepts of balance and harmony.

Every single one of the strains you will find in Samsara Seeds catalogue has been designed and developed very carefully, focusing our energy and commitment to theirs customers into offering quality, originality and medicinal varieties.

Green Love Potion is one of the best Samsara seeds strain

Green Love Potion is one of the best Samsara seeds strain

Samsara Seeds created a range of plants with the intention of differentiating themselves from the rest of seed banks. They selected the parents by crossing some of the best mother plants provided that these met the customers’ organoleptic and medicinal criteria as well as current market needs.

To achieve this, Samsara Seeds spent a long time listening to and taking note of the interests, tastes and interests of cannabis lovers around the world. It is for this reason that you will find crosses in their catalogue that would be very difficult to find in other cannabis seeds banks’. There are also strains that ooze with the balance and natural harmony of this sacred plant which humans have been cultivating for more than ten thousand years.

The cannabis plant is inextricably linked to the concept of “medicine”. They know that one of the main reasons the cannabis plant exists is for us to use it for our own benefit, exploiting its numerous palliative and curative applications. It can be used effectively and safely with any other medication.

Cannabis’s medicinal value is, therefore, the aspect that interests, motivates and worries us most when developing our strains. Samsara Seeds were especially careful to select those varieties which provide the highest possible medicinal value to the plants whether these be mainly Indica or Sativa dominant.