grassomatic cannabis seed bank

GrassOMatic was the first cannabis seed bank in the world selling high quality feminized autoflowering cannabis strains. As pioneers of the auto revolution they have developed, through years of selection and testing, the most stable and homogeneous autoflowering cannabis seeds plants on the market. All Grassomatic varieties always give rise to 100% female plants that can compete with the most vigorous seedlings, proving that autoflowering varieties can yield large amounts of high quality buds.

Plants mature in 60 to 75 days from germination and are well adapted to indoor and outdoor growing so they are loved by all types of marijuana growers, from experts to beginners.

Maxi Gom Grassomatic

Maxi Gom Grassomatic

GrassOMatic seeds are prized worldwide for their germination rate. They undergo a very strict quality control during the packaging process

that guarantees freshness and good preservation.