Dutch Passion are one of the world’s oldest cannabis seed banks and one of the few remaining original seed companies.  They offer our customers a variety of original classic marijuana varieties as well as some of the very best new varieties, many of these are available in regular as well as feminized seeds.  They began their work in the 1970’s and were formally established as a seedbank in 1987.


Dutch Passion success has been built on 3 important principles.

Firstly They collect and breed the best cannabis genetics to allow the self-sufficient cannabis grower the chance to grow the very best quality marijuana for themselves.

Secondly, Dutch Passion continue to pioneer innovation. Dutch Passion invented feminized seed in the 1990’s and more recently they have set the highest standards with feminized autoflowering (‘AutoFem’) seeds.  Dutch Passion has never been afraid to overturn conventional thinking in order to offer better seeds.

Thirdly, Dutch Passion offer the customers the best levels of customer service.  They have remained in business over several decades by providing seeds of the highest quality and reliability and have millions of satisfied customers.

The Dutch Passion seed collection has never been stronger than it is today.  They remain the first choice seed supplier to many recreational and medical marijuana growers because of their focus on quality seeds and their safe trustworthy customer service.

Dutch Passion Feminized seeds

Dutch Passion’s, greatest contributions to the self-sufficient home grower was the creation of feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990’s.  For the average hobby grower feminized seed was a crucial breakthrough.  No longer did you have the headache of maintaining a permanent growroom to look after a mother plant.  Nor was it necessary to know a circle of growers that could supply cuttings.  The self sufficient home grower didn’t want the hassle and paranoia of growing more plants than necessary in order to get a few female plants.  The customers tell Dutch passion that the main reason for growing pot is to remain self-sufficient in their medical/recreational marijuana.  They tell them that they do not want to grow more plants than necessary and therefore feminized seed is really important to them.  They also tell DP that they do not want the hassle of looking after a mother plant for 52 weeks each year so they do not always want to grow from cuttings/clones.  Growing from feminized seed allowed growers to reduce their energy bill since no electricity was required to grow and maintain mother plants or male plants

Mazar by Dutch passion

For these reasons the creation of feminized seed would have a huge impact on the home-grower.

The idea of feminized seed was often discussed but no-one was sure it would be possible.  Henk noticed that towards the end of its life a female cannabis plant would often produce male flowers if it was left long enough.  These flowers would produce ‘female’ pollen; the seeds produced from it would give rise to female plants.  Henk started working with this method systematically studying the cannabis plants at different stages of their life. He noted that almost all female plants had a tendency to produce small numbers of male flowers if left long enough.  It is a survival mechanism built into the genetics of cannabis plants and is a way of allowing seed production to occur even if male plants are not present.  Henk still recalls his first experiment where he collected this ‘female pollen’ to pollinate some female plants.  50 seeds were later collected and germinated.  All of them went on to become female cannabis plants; it was a historic moment for Henk and Dutch Passion.  The first feminized seeds went on sale and became the talk of the cannabis community, they quickly sold out and demand increased dramatically.  The next challenge was to find ways of producing abundant quantities of ‘female pollen’ so that significant quantities of feminized seed could be produced to satisfy the growing demand.

Henk used his biology background to see how to solve the problem.  Work had been done on some vegetables such as Cucumber. Plant hormones and other less complicated ways could be found to change the morphology and plant physiology without disordering the normal female plant growth.  Research was done, improved and refined.  Eventually abundant quantities of pollen could be produced which would allow production of feminized seed meet the growing demand from the self sufficient home grower.

Today feminized seed accounts for the overwhelming majority of seeds sold.  The process of feminizing seed has been further improved and is now very reliable and consistent; most seedbanks only offer feminized seeds.

Despite inventing feminized seed Dutch Passion still retain around a third of their varieties in regular ‘non-feminized’ seeds.

AutoFlowering seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds is an area which Dutch Passion has invested heavily in over the last few years.  AutoFem seeds grow from seedling to mature female plants in around 10 weeks, making them a fast cropping, convenient, alternative to traditional varieties.  The marijuana they produce is just as good as that from traditional varieties and it is produced in generous quantities.  AutoFem’s are grown indoors under a cycle of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of dark.  They give great results in greenhouses and outdoors.  They can be grown outdoors even in the shortest of summers and AutoFem’s have become some of Dutch Passions best selling and most appreciated varieties.  The years from 2010 onwards have seen a notable shift towards the mainstream adoption of AutoFem seeds.  The development of AutoFem genetics is an ongoing process, we expect to keep improving the current collection AutoFem’s in the future.

Unlike normal feminized seeds of traditional varieties, Autofems will bloom automatically regardless of the light cycle.  For indoor growers this means that the light cycle can remain at 20 hours of daily light throughout the life of the AutoFem.  Traditional varieties need a lighting system of 12 hours on/12 hours off in order to induce flowering.  AutoFems flower indoors based purely on their age and are normally ready to harvest 10 weeks after germinating.

Autoflowering White widow by Dutch Passion

Autoflowering White widow by Dutch Passion

Medical Marijuana

Dutch Passion believes that all marijuana is medically effective.  But some strains such as Ortega Indica have been found to be particularly useful to medical marijuana growers.  In 2012 Dutch Passion announced their collaboration with The CBD Crew to produce Dutch passion varieties with high CBD levels.  We know that cannabis is a plant with many good uses. People around the world enjoy cannabis in a recreational way, but medicinal use of cannabis is growing as well. A lot of research on the medicinal powers of this plant still has to be done, but we have already been convinced that very many patients from various conditions benefit strongly from the use of cannabis.

The international movement towards regulation and eventually legalisation of the cannabis plant has started already, we are convinced that it is only a matter of time until people can freely posses and use cannabis in civilised countries. The cannabis plant is too important to be ignored; therefore we supply our seeds so every individual can produce his/her own safe stash. Thanks to our seeds cannabis users do not have to rely on others and know exactly what they are using.

As a serious company Dutch Passion encourage responsible use of cannabis, we advise people to read about the plant and be careful with the use of cannabis. It is not recommended to use cannabis in certain situations and some people perhaps should not use cannabis at all. We advise our customers to consult a doctor before using cannabis as a medicine, many people already do this. We advise recreational users to use cannabis with moderation.

When cannabis is being used responsibly it may be world’s best natural alternative for chemical drugs, alcohol and medicines.

Main Source : http://www.dutch-passion.nl/