Black Widow Positronics

Mentholated indicates almost pure aroma. Relaxing effect. recommended for medicinal use.

The Positronics Black Widow is a robust plant, compact and highly branched appearance. Very short internodal distance , thick and woody stems. The leaves are tremendously wide and large with clearly defined veins . Moderate amount of leaves and maximum number of cups (buds ) reaching an extreme hardness appreciated by commercial growers . read more

Tutankhamon Pyramid Seeds

A selection of Ak 47, Tutankhamon has one of the highest percentages of THC in the market (as demonstrated by Energy Control in the 2011 Barcelona Spannabis).

This variety becomes a small, compact and densely branched plant with plenty of THC buds.

Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon is an excellent and productive plant, with a fresh fruit taste and long lasting psychoactive effects. read more