Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy Sour Diesel medical marijuana is a very strong Sativa strain whose silhouette, at first glance greatly resembles that of a miniature pine tree. It’s a tall, sexy, thin plant which produces bright light green buds, that are tight, compact and spear shaped. The strain won its name because of its defiant pungent diesel smell combined with a sensational puckery taste ofsour lemon… with a snap.

This strain’s leaves purple as they age, and it’s buds commonly display pink-hued pistils through out, which are absolutely drenched in trichomes (crystals). Our Sour Diesel combines the character, type, and qualities of its origin with an unforgettable aroma and bouquet we have produced the most eye pleasing, pungent smell, and unmistakable flavor… ever to grace your nasal passages.

Sour diesel grand daddy purp

Sour Diesel

Full of body, thick in flavour, and likened to a mixture of sour candy and rocket fuel, this thick, super sticky and highly resinous cannabis’s has all its natural elements in good harmony, thus creating a warm all over, ear tingling delicious experience.

Our Sour Diesel’s Superior medicinal properties include, helping to alleviate chronic depression, as well as that ordinary listless feeling by evoking a pleasing energetic change in attitude and outlook.

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