Somango 47

Somango 47 is called to be a classic, though maybe it already is . Thanks to the magazine YERBA was tested en masse , now commercially launched by popular demand . Named in forums and social networks as ” THE BEAST ” , now you can find out why.

Since its germination amaze with a compact development and display of particular beauty. Shows an interesting complexity in the development of its branches. Somango 47 acquires a spherical or oval reaching a large volume early. Somango 47 is characterized by a short internodal distance that will form strong branches that perfectly support the weight of foliage and large flower clusters . The size and color of their leaves attract attention.



SMELL :Imposes his authority an elegant feeling fruit liqueur with up earthy roasted notes and some mineral touch. Its dense sweet smoke invades stays and stays for a long time creating a sensational atmosphere.

TASTE :Energetic attack and surrounding flavor, we notice a thick and velvet sweetness that floods.

EFFECT : It is powerful and fast euphoric sensation to be a predominant indica . Long lasting , is the desired effect by veteran growers Indica lovers.

Given the large size of its flowers and the spectacular thickness reaching sensitive to develop botrytis if in poor growing conditions .

INDOOR : Sowing 14 or 16 units per square meter, is an ideal place to put twelve hours from the beginning of germination plant. It is one of the most productive varieties to grow in closets and tight spaces.

OUTDOOR :Its the most of it outdoors. Is when it leaves the beast within . A huge robust plant that creates many and huge flowers covered with resin. In organic farming this plant will captivate the grower for its power in aroma and fruity taste.

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