Skywalker Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy Skywalker medical marijuana is of course, an Indica, with a smell that is as robust and fresh as the great outdoors with just a touch of it’s wildness. As one of the easiest hybrid strains ever to grow, It produces perfectly tight, buds that look like their dipped, rolled and dressed to the 9’s, in big rock resin crystals.

Extremely pungent with a fresh, smooth sweet and fruity aftertaste that lingers, our Skywalker strain is nothing short of divine. It’s one of those mass appeal medications that is arguably among the top three strongest in collectives today.

skywalker grand daddy purp


The buds themselves are light green with dark green spots and covered like a coat in skinny ginger red hairs. They are dense and well cured, but so soaked with oils that the buds are always quite sticky. Skywalker doesn’t have significantly pronounced trichomes, but it is still looks pretty dusty almost white.

Grand Daddy Skywalker’s medicinal properties are famous for sleep-inducing effects, back pain, Insomnia suffers, appetite enhancement and as a strong anti-depressant.

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