Skunk Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy Skunk medical marijuana– This Sativa crossed Afghani cannabis was introduced in the 70’s and is credited with being the crossover revelation strain that established Northern California as its star producer and the original strain that started the whole switch from brown to green marijuana.

Known as “the true measuring stick” by which all other high-end strains arecompared to, it’s an award winning Cannabis strain whose beautiful blooms are bright green with a bit darker leaf tip. Heavily populated by long, dense resin swollen buds, which span in color from apple green to sunbeam gold, this plant is among the most well known and sought after strains in the world.

Skunk medical Grand daddy purp


Skunk is one of only a few stable strains around that packs a massive one-two punch, in that you can be easily fooled by it’s marvelous subtle sweet smell, but take note, even though this cannabis is super aromatic, once nasally and physically seduced, you’ll find it very potent, and highly stimulating… very heady.

Our Skunk’s superior medicinal properties provide an excellent kick back relaxation from stress vehicle, all the while keeping you alert and on your game, bringing a whole new meaning to “having the munchies!”

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