Sapphire OG by Humboldt seeds

Sapphire OG is a marijuana plant whose origins (OG (Florida cut) x OG (Fc) x OG (Fc)/Afghan) speak volumes about its quality. It is a splendid and vigorous medium-sized/big marijuana plant with a more colourful and sophisticated appearance as well as some flavours and aromas that differ greatly from those of a typical Kush strain.

It is highly important to keep an eye on its growth when cultivating indoors because it is capable of doubling its size once in the 12/12h light cycle. Therefore, staking the plants might also be necessary so as to keep them straight.

If looked after propertly, during the flowering phase, they deliver outstanding compact and elongated buds overflowing with resin. An elite collection of sensations The real Nirvana within everyone’s reach Sapphire OG is a weed with really intense flavours and aromas: an amazing blend of petroleum, pine, chocolate, citrus and flowers. Its effect, both mental and physical, starts with a pleasant euphoria-producing effect and finishes with a nice feeling of relaxation.

The whole process is highly potent as well as incredibly long-lasting. Everyone will enjoy the relaxing serenity it leads to.

Type Feminized seed
Genotype 15% Sativa / 85% Indica
THC 18–24%
Indoor flowering 57–63 days
Indoor yield 10–15 oz/yd2
Outdoor yield 35–141 oz/plant

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