Ripped Bubba by TGA Subcool

Created to combine the incredible high THC and THCv cannabinoids in Jack the Ripper with the clear calming effect of Bubba Kush the combination of the two make for a creative and motivating effect. Ripped Bubba has the frame of an Indica but with insane amounts of resin that seems to cover every part of the flowers giving the effect of a glass coating. This strain provide pain relief along with a very clear headed and mentally relaxing high.

Phenotypes: The most common expression is an Indica with phenotypes sharing traits of both parents
Height: A higher percentage of plants will have an Indica profile being stocky and robust
Yield: Very dense flowers, Medium yield with completely sugar coated buds
Indoor and Outdoor
Best way to grow: Top early to form multiple heads but hold back on the food at first
Harvest: 55-60 Days
Sat/Ind: 40/60 
Hybrid: Bubba Kush Pre-98 x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen 
High Type: Creative and motivational in the mind and calming in the body and soul
Taste: Cherry, kush, hash, blackberries, Skittles candy, some variations have a heavier lemon smell

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