Obama Kush Review

President Obama is, like Bill Clinton and his saxophone-playing ways, a pop phenomenon who transcends the pomp and circumstance of the highest office in the Western World.

After he put Osama Bin Laden at the bottom of the ocean, he also became somewhat of a rock star.

Weed has been named for Chuck Norris and Michael Phelps. So it’s no surprise that some of Southern California’s finer herbal retailers have named a strain after the POTUS:

It’s called Obama OG Kush and, according to San Diego City beat, it’s available in at least four marijuana dispensaries in California’s second-largest city.


Some aren’t happy with the honor, however, noting that after essentially ordering federal authorities to step back from enforcing anti-marijuana law in medical-pot states, the DEA has continued to raid dispensaries.

Cannabis activist Eugene Davidovich tells the paper:

I don’t think Obama deserves a strain named after him. Personally, I think Obama’s administration has failed the medical marijuana community completely. They have not upheld a single campaign promise since his election.

So what’s Obama OG Kush like?

The indica strain is said to have some sativa and good for an hour’s worth of medical effects.

But will it be around for another four years?

The Obama Kush strain produces a decent amount of head high when you consume it, along with the usual body high that comes with an indica-dominant strain..  This strain is good for just about every ailment as a result. The Obama Kush strain nugs are frosty with a purple hue and reddish hairs, and give off a light, pleasant aroma.

Looks: Dark green with what looks like “mildew” growing on it, cuz its SO fuzzy with trichs, orange all over, not shy at all.

Smell: Over powering, unmask-able, GREAT ganja aroma.

Taste: Smooth both in and out, great expansion.  All around awesome kushtaste, well grown for sure, very pleased to say the least.


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