Northern Lights Automatic Seeds by White Label

Enjoy the classic Northern Lights in an easy to grow format with these feminized auto-flowering seeds. The flavour and potent effect of the original Northern Lights are blended with the compact structure and rapid flowering ability of the finest new auto-flowering cannabis types to produce a superb new member of the Northern Lights group, capable of completing the entire growth process from germination to harvest without the need for a change in light cycles.

As a potent Indica, Northern Lights Autoflowering Feminized cannabis seeds produce robust plants that remain short with a relatively large yield of solid buds. The distinctive flavour of traditional Northern Lights is given a refreshing twist by bright citrus topnotes; the effect is powerful, dissolving muscle tension and creating a feeling of profound relaxation. Although easy enough to be grown by novices, when consumed, this variety lives up to the legendary reputation of Northern Lights as a variety to be treated with respect!


  • Feminized strainNorthern Lights Automatic Seeds is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..
  • Temperate / ContinentalNorthern Lights Automatic Seeds can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.
  • Compact plantNorthern Lights Automatic Seeds will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.
  • Short flowering period (45 – 50 days)Northern Lights Automatic Seeds will have a comparatively short flowering time.
  • Medium YieldNorthern Lights Automatic Seeds will produce a decent amount of bud
  • 90% IndicaThe Northern Lights Automatic Seeds strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.

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