Marijuana: Colorado does not know what to do with the money

Taxes levied on the sale of cannabis make so much to the US government, that according to a law past in 1992, it could be forced to pay part to all taxpayers.

Less crime, more tourism, new jobs … and too much money. The state of Colorado is now facing an unprecedented case: tax on marijuana sales relate so much money that he could be forced to divert some of that money to the people as reported by Rolling Stone.

The Colorado Constitution settle a maximum amount of tax that may be levied, beyond, according to a 1992 law, the state is obliged to fairly redistribute the excess of each taxpayer. Now Colorado is a victim of its own success, taxing trade in marijuana 30% literally blew its ceiling. In other words, citizens could all be repaid 7.63 dollars (5 pounds), representing their share of the 30 million overpayment.colorado skunk

The situation is so unusual that Republicans and Democrats agree to try to eliminate or at least limit the application of the 1992 Act, explaining that make this money would be irrelevant.

“I think it would be entirely appropriate that we keep the money collected on sales of marijuana,” said Bill Cadman, President of the Senate and member of the Republican Party.

But the problem is there, and the people of Colorado will surely be called to go to the polls to see if they decide to exclude revenues from taxes on marijuana count of total taxes or if they wish to receive 7 63 dollars. In case the taxpayers decide to waive the refund, the state undertakes to reinvest the excess in awareness campaigns, training for police officers to better recognize drivers under the influence of drugs.

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