Malawi Breeders Pack Feminized by Ace Seeds

This incredible sativa, considered by many as the strongest pure landrace sativa available in the market.
This breeding project started thanks to the contribution of a collaborator (Antonio, RIP), and developed by Dubi since 2007 until today. Ace offer you our best 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Malawi lines in feminized format.

Description of the mother parental plants:

– Old Malawi Killer: It’s the overpowering original Old Malawi Killer mother that we have used to start all our breeding with Malawi. It’s a vigorous sativa of medium height and strong branching, with very high resin production of huge size. Its effect is extremely powerful, dense and psychedelic, lasting more than 4 hours. It has a classic african taste: woody and oily. The yield is high when grown with long vegetative times and strong light intensity. It takes 11-13 weeks to fully mature, depending on the growing variables. This is the line that produces closer plants to the original Old Malawi Killer clone.

– New Malawi Killer (P3): Granddaughter of the old killer mother, competes with its grandmother in terms of resin production and potency. Like its 3rd generation sisters, the New Killer Malawi has a more tamed compact structure, with wider leaf and a shorter flowering time of 11-12 weeks. Yield and terpene profile are very similar to the old Malawi killer. This is the line where you can look for the most stable and tamed Malawis regarding structure, size and flowering time, keeping the extreme potency that made famous this strain.

– Fruity Malawi (P3): Sister of the New Malawi Killer, it has a very similar expression in terms of size, flowering time and structure, but stand out for its more interesting aromas of mature mandarine, sweet carrot and flowers. This is the line where you can look for the Malawis with better taste and more refined terpene profiles. The potency and yield are still very high.

Purple Malawi (P2): This is the mother of our Violeta hybrid. It’s a colorful rare pheno found in the first Malawi feminized release. It’s more compact than the green Malawis, but still displaying an excellent branching, and accepts the Nitrogen better. It’s an interesting pheno due to its shorter flowering time of 10-11 weeks, for having a unique balsamic/fruity terpene profile, for showing a better resistance against cold and mildew, and of course for its intense purple and reddish colors at maturation. It’s not so strong like the best killer green Malawi parental plants, but without any doubt the effect is also very interesting, kinder and not so agressive. This is the line where you can look for the more colorful Malawis, with shorter flowering times and better adaptability to colder climates.

Malawi Breeders Pack Feminized contains 4 feminized lines (5 feminized seeds/ per line) :

– Old Malawi Killer x New Malawi Killer P3 (reversed).

– New Malawi Killer P3 S1.

– Fruity Malawi (P3) x New Malawi Killer P3 (reversed).

– Purple Malawi (P2) x x New Malawi Killer P3 (reversed).

Additional Information

Format Feminized
Sativa / Indica ratio 100 % sativa
THC 20-27 %
CBD Below 0.05 %
CBG 0.6 – 1 %
Flowering indoors 10-13 weeks
Flowering outdoors End of October / Early November
Yield High
Resistance against spider mites Average
Resistance against powder mildew Average
Resistance against botrytis High
Resistance against white fly Average-High
Resistance against cold Average-High
Resistance against heat High
Latitude 0º-43º.
Genetics Pure sativa landrace from Malawi, Central Africa.
Structure Sativa of medium node length and strong branching.
Bouquet Strong, concentrated aroma of oil, wood and lemon. Some plants stand out for having more refined sweet carrot and ripe mandarine aromas.
High Extraordinarily powerful, intense and psychedelic, with more than 4 hours of duration. Only recommended for hard and experienced users.
Growing Tips Although this sativa shows all its potential in tropical/subtropical climates, it has been grown with very good results in latitudes up to 43º.

Indoors for growing small columnar plants or SOG, you should start from the clone or seed at 12/12 just a few days after the rooting.

This sativa is highly recommended for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent production of lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning.

One of the best pure and stable sativas available to develop extremely powerful, resinous and high yielding hybrids.

We recommend average PK levels for the whole cycle, and slightly lower of Nitrogen.

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