Locomotion by TGA Subcool

Blue City Diesel x Timewreck

What do you get when you combine the diesel fumes from the Blue City Diesel with sour fruits from Timewreck? Well, you end up with a very strong odorous line thatu2019s very powerful medicine. If you want to grow this line I’d highly suggest you make sure your odor filtration is up to par. Mostly indica-dominant with the odd plant leaning a little more 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid.

Phenotypes: The dominant structure is Indica, producing tight branching and large single  rock-hard cola’s dripping with sticky resin.
Height: Average
Yield: Excellent
Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor.
Best way to grow: Top early and at least a couple of times to produce a few main cola’s and allow for some extra veg time.
Harvest: 55-65 days
Sat/Ind: 30/70
Hybrid: Blue City Diesel x Timewreck
High Type: Locomotion is a heavy but dreamy head high with body tones to soothe those aching pains of the day away. But be wary, a little too much inhalation will leave you on the slow train.
Taste/Aroma: What a combination this line is with putrid, skunky diesels, sour rotting fruits and overripe pineapples. Locomotion tastes just like it smells leaving your mouth coated in sour rotting pineapple and fruits amplified x10 with the diesel influence.


Source : tgagenetics.com

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