Lemon Garlic OG by Humboldt seeds

This seed worth a try Lemon Garlic OG is a cannabis strain obtained through a strict selection of True OG, carried out with more than 6 generations. The result is a splendid, medium-sized plant which gives off a very pleasant scent with hints of garlic, citrus and pine.

Among the incredibly interesting properties it can offer, it should be pointed out that it is really high-yielding and that its quality is always guaranteed. Potency and flavour Exceptional quality in every single aspect Lemon Garlic OG is a cannabis hybrid whose aroma and flavour stand out for being particularly appetising with notes of pine, citrus and garlic.

The effect is very potent, providing long-lasting physical and cerebral sensations.

All sybarites, OG Kush lovers and top-notch marijuana seed collectors cannot miss the chance to lay hands on this jewel.

Type Feminized seed
Genotype 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
THC 17–20%
CBD 0.1%
Indoor flowering 68–73 days
Indoor yield 10–15+ oz/yd2
Outdoor yield 35–106+ oz/plant
Outdoor height 10–16+ ft

Source : humboldtseeds.net


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