Ken’s Grand Daddy Medical Marijuana by GDP

Ken’s Grand Daddy is a champagne strain that’s defiantly “quality without compromise” making it a great way to start the day off or end the day, right. Our dominant Indica strain is like no other, and it’s just what the doctor ordered! You won’t find very many medical marijuana strains that taste like they smell, but be assured… this is one of them! Deliciously sticky, with a rich, smooth hash taste that’s healthy and well balanced, our Grandaddy is a hardy plant with tight internodes and dense dark green to purple leaves that gain their royal purple hues as they mature.

Ken's strain granddaddy purp

Ken’s Granddaddy

The strain flaunts large crystal-covered buds that are dense green nuggets that are considered to be among the most beautiful and effective available… anywhere. Both potent and pungent with a sweet aftertaste, many generations have been produced and evolved to achieve this truly unique strain.

Our Ken’s Grand Daddy’s medicinal properties are extremely focused and definite, while evoking complete mental relaxation. It produces no hangover or ill effects and is great for chatting, laughing, physical activity, appetite stimulation then sleeping like a baby.

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