Jacks Cleaner 2 by TGA Subcool

This BX of the legendary mother plant Jacks Cleaner is a favorite among collectors of extremely potent hybrids. The strain has none of the Haze flavor of Jack the Ripper and is a much taller style Sativa plant with a racing buzz that seems to slice through just about any type of high and leave the toker vibrating with a smile on there face. The taste and smell is 100% lemon with a taste like your mouth is full of citrus, almost like a lemon head candy. This strain was created for all those in search of a Jacks Cleaner cut for their own head stash but not in the right circles to acquire a cutting.xa0

Phenotypes: All females are lemony and sweet to the nose, almost as lemony as Jacks Cleaner, though there may be a few phenotypes with a lighter lemony smell, probably from the Jack The Ripper influences. Select the largest yielding female
Height: Medium to heavy stretch / Colas swell late
Yield: Medium / Heavy trim work
Indoor and Outdoor
Best way to grow: Topped and placed in bud early due to stretch
Harvest: 8-10 weeks
Sat/Ind: 80/20
Hybrid: Pluton x Purple Haze x Lambsbread x NL x Jack Herer x Jack The Ripper Male
High Type: Intense, trippy, visual, spacey, pain relief
Taste: Makes very unsual lemon bubble hash 

Source : tgagenetics.com

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