Jacked-Up by TGA Subcool

Jack Herer X Timewreck

On the 8th day the lords of resin forged Jacked Up, this devastating combination comes from the original Jack Herer plant crossed with our Timewreck. Jack Herer provides the haze from the Herer family with the Train Wreck funk you can expect from our amazing Timewreck pheno. This gal is a heavy producer that will be finished within 60 to 70 days. She will reward you with her heavy monstrous colas that she carries on a medium frame which has the ability to carry great weight without support from stakes. A cerebral uplifting smoke that is great for daytime medicating. She also makes amazing extracts. It looks like somebody rolled the flowers in the sugar jar during the last weeks of flowering.

Phenotypes: Equal mix of both parents has been passed along
Height: Tall with a medium stretch at onset of 12/12
Yield: Medium / Heavy producer
Recommended for Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse.
Best way to grow: Top early and at least a couple of times to produce a few main cola’s and allow for some extra veg time.
Harvest: 60-70 days days
Sat/Ind: 60/40
Hybrid: Jack Herer X Timewreck
High Type: Strong, intense, uplifting, great daytime smoke, and very powerful psychoactive properties
Taste/Aroma: Haze, sandalwood, musk, berries, citrus, peaches and apricots

Source : tgagenetics.com

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