Cannabis is an annual plant, full reproductive cycle takes a few months and is renewed annually. This cycle consists of two phases, growth and flowering.


Phase during which the seed will come out of dormancy and become active. Heat (25 ° C), moisture and oxygen are ideal germination conditions. Once the  seeds is moistened, that it opens slightly to let out the germ. This small white tip is the future root. It will grow by sinking into the ground and its top goes out by getting rid of its envelope. The first two sheets are not yet true leaves, cotyledons are. It is from this moment that the plant becomes independent, as it begins to have its own chlorophyll system. Before that, the plant lives only because of the reserves contained in the seed.


Phase during which the seed will take its allure adult plant. The first set of true leaves after the cotyledons, leaves and has only one blade. The second series contains 3, then 5, 7, 9 and sometimes 11. When the plant leaves at 5 levels, it has a well-developed root system and suffisement chlorophyll to begin to grow rapidly.

cycle life of cannabis

Early stage of cannabis


Phase in which the plant will grow to acquire a structure capable of supporting heavy flower clusters. During this time, everything happens very quickly and the plant will grow in height and width and will set up new  leaves. The side branches will grow to reach the canopy (though there are differences between varieties). It is a phase when the plant produces mostly stems and leaves.


Changing photoperiod which will induce flowering. Growth will accelerate, then the internodes will tighten to form the structure that will cover the flowers.


After two weeks at 12:00 to 12:00 p.m., floral infra- are almost up, growth slows down and the first flowers appear.


Now the plant is really blooming. It devote all his time and all his energy to flower production. Some large lower leaves turn yellow. The plant grows more but gets heavier. The flowers are becoming heavier, and resinous odor. Some pistils turn brown.

flowering of cannabis

flowering of cannabis