What are the differences between growing in soil and hydroponics?

First, a little definition of Hydroponics. Hydroponics feeds the plant through an inert substrate supplied with a nutrient solution. Plant roots pump directly into the nutritional requirements solution. The solution will consist of an adjusted pH water and of different fertilizers or additives forming the wealth of a hydroponic solution. This solution can be enriched with oxygen through an air pump connected to a bubbler in contact with the solution.

You have to remember that a plant from hydroponics will not necessarily have a better taste, be bigger or have a stronger effect. It is quite possible to make huge harvest in both.

Disadvantages with soil:cannabis-soil

1- Increased dirt due to the manipulation of soil
2 – Obligation to water regularly
3 – Difficulty to manage fertilizer for a beginner
4 – Difficulty in eradicating disease and other fungi
5 – Repottings to do
6 – Yield lower than with a hydroponic system


Disadvantages with Hydroponics:cannabis-hydroponics

1-High cost at the beginning of the culture due to the purchase of equipment
2 -Obligation to regularly monitor the pH and EC
3 -Increased consumption of fertilizers
4 -Obligation to increase security because of the proximity to the water and cables


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