I – Autoflowering Seeds:

Auto-flowering are crossing with Ruderalis cannabis variety present in the Asian continent (Russia), which is characterized by small size and low THC content, this feature gives them the ability to flourish without change of photoperiod but a function of time from germination (20-30 days).
Remember that Cannabis contains: 3 families: indica, sativa ruderalis, so the autoflowering strains are interspecies crossing.

Autoflowering cannabis plant

Autoflowering cannabis plant

It is a huge advantage in outdoor cultivation because we can not control the sun as a programmer:
For cold climates despite having long days.
For the discretion on a balcony in a garden.
To get an early harvest in the Mediterranean region for example.

Indoor why not?

It is easier to learn …
The only real differences between the auto-flowering and regular strains are day length and differentiation of sex, not two concepts very difficult to acquire. Knowing also that the risk of hermaphroditism exists in all cases.

It’s faster? Economic?

Most auto-flowering cannabis bloom in a total of 90-100 days from germination, if you take an early variety, a skunk for example, and that you do germination in 12h / 12h, it will bring its first pistils in about 15 days for  a harvest in 65-70 days. The power consumption is also a very important difference (between 20 hours of light per day and 12)..think about your bill


II – Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds

To summarize what are feminized cannabis seeds, I will say that it is the crossing of a female with adds-on and a woman. The techniques for its seeds are diverse but often require the addition of a hormone that is altering a female (which becomes the male).

For mothers plants, it also seem more difficult to keep a bonsai for several years without it eventually deteriorate, but again it may as well happen with a plant coming from regular seeds.

For me, feminized seeds are adapted both in indoors than outdoors.

In outdoor this avoids having to remove the plants on a spot.

In indoor, feminized job can be justified if:
You have a limited space
You do not want to waste compost in potting for males
For a SCROG, if you do not start from cuttings

III – Regular Seeds

These are obtained by seeds naturally pollinated, so 50% male and 50% female and this randomly as Mother Nature decides.  Hermaphroditism may as well be present on certain plants, but generally rarer with good breeders.

After a good selection you can more easily keep a mother plant (PM) for many years with appropriate care.

Regular cannabis seeds are suitable for all cultures and should be the most logical choice if no constraints are stopping you.

Regular cannabis plant

cannabis plants from regular seeds : Critical Mass

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