Dedoverde Haze by Humboldt seeds

The mastery of an expert breeder within a strain The origins of Dedoverde Haze are impressive: California Haze (LA) and Amnesia (NL). The result is a wonderful vigorous marijuana plant that any grower can cultivate and that yields remarkable amounts of buds with a pleasant intense scent that will awaken the interest of those seeking a different flavour and aroma.

It performs well indoors with a short growing period and outdoors in dry, warm, temperate and Mediterranean climates or in the shelter of a greenhouse. Tropical flavour and Sativa effect For the lovers of tropical Sativas Dedoverde Haze is a cannabis hybrid with a strong aroma of citrus fruit and oil and a flavour that delivers intense hints of pine, oil, Haze, spices, tropical fruit and cedar.

The powerful, long-lasting effect is totally Sativa, providing a clear, cerebral, invigorating feeling.

Cannabis strain made in California

Type Feminized seed
Genotype 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
THC 18–24%
CBD 0.1%
Indoor flowering 65–70 days
Indoor yield 12–15+ oz/yd2
Outdoor yield 21–32+ oz/plant
Outdoor height 7–16+ ft

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