Cookies Kush

COOKIES KUSH (cannabis cup winner 2014)
A new phenomenon sends shockwaves throughout the cannabis community.
The creation began using a our outstanding Girl Scout Cookies phenotype to cross with a powerful OG KUSH (pheno Rolex) The project had – from the beginning incredible results.
The F1 generation truly motivated us. Getting everyone on board in agreeing the path to take with the breeding route is never easy, but this time was agreed without much argument. Our goal off course was to achieve the best balance between the very finest OG KUSH and the best attributes of the Girl Scout Cookies.

Cookies Kush

Cookies Kush

We wanted the great OG Kush quality to merge with that powerful mint chocolate/early morning bakery smell and taste of the Girl Scout Cookies.
Our final winning selection – Cookies Kush: Is all we dreamed it would be.


type: indica
yield: 650 gr x m2
height: 1 to 1.50m
flower time: 60 days
harvest time: Late September
thc: High
cbd: Low
genetics: Girl Scout Cookies X Rolex OG Kush

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