The “Flav” by TGA Subcool

Romulan(BCGA) x Space Queen

Romulan has an amazing flavor and I knew if I was ever able to locate a cutting from Vic High’s original cross, I could create something tasty and unique. We were able to locate this rare strain and lucky enough to gain permission to breed with her.xa0Combining the oily thick rich fruity taste of Romulan with the cherry goodness of Space Queen was a no brainer and “The Flav” was created. read more

The Third Dimension by TGA Subcool

Aka 3D

This 3 way cross of ‘super elites’ is our fastest maturing hybrid. Having a very tropical taste reminding me of coconuts and pineapple, almost like a Pina Colada. This TGA subcool strain finishes very fast but does not lack in potency. The added boost of Jack’s Cleaner seems to really boost up the Sativa influence but the buzz is still very calming and relaxing with a nice mix of the three THC read more

Timewreck by TGA Subcool

Blood Wreck x Vortex

The combination of a rare cutting of Trainwreck with our Cannabis Cup winning Sativa Vortex has produced a hybrid of great potentcy. Strong flavors of Trainwreck are enhanced with the sour funky smell of Vortex. Not for Occasional smokers, this hard hitting strain was created for those with high tolerance.

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Tinto De Verano by TGA Subcool

Pinot Noir X Jack the Ripper

Our First creation using the Pinot Noir mother plant produced maybe my favorite smoke in 4 decades (Cuvee) so it seemed natural to work with her again this time using our proven Jack the Ripper male.Copious resin accompanies unusual chocolate lime terps. The plant is early flowering and fast finishing both indoors and out.

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Vortex by TGA Subcool

My oldest head stash crossed with my new favorite. Both parents have a similar pungent, rotten fruit, baby poo smell. Both carry heavy potency and copious amounts of resins. The resulting Hybrid cross fulfills my desire to have Apollo-13 in seed form even before we continue with the cubing. read more

Space Bomb by TGA Subcool

Tiny Bomb x Space Queen

After 4 years we are finally releasing my favorite plant in seed form.xa0Originally found in a single pack of Space Queen the smaller version wasn’t used to create the original F2 due to size. Over time the female clone tagged Tiny Bomb has gone on to become very sought after. We finally returned to the lab and reworked and created this new strain. read more

Space Candy by TGA Subcool

Cotton Candy Kush x Space Queen

“Space Candy, a breeders milestone and a genetic game-changer, it’s a sativa dominant hybrid crossed between Cotton Candy Kush and Space Queen. The medicinal effect, physical appearance, aroma and flavor of this strain will have it at the top of every growers list! This strain packs an incredible pungent, sour pine smell with hints of sweet fruity citrus.
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Space Dawg by TGA Subcool

The flowers are tasty and full of flavor, but they are also very potent so much that it numbs your head and after a few bowls my teeth were numb, like I had just been to the dentist, more of Indica effect. if you have pain this will kill it. People with low tolerance should be careful not to over indulge as it may cause them green outs and nausea.
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