Medusa Medical Marijuana by GDP

In Greek and Roman mythology, Medusa is “The Guardian, Protectress” and when gazed upon directly, would turn on lookers to stone. Holding true to that legacy, this modern day patient-pleaser delivers an entire body sensation unlike any other. Its fruity sweet smell is fresh and clean like the Great Outdoors. Its buds are bright green fluffy light pillows with sparse golden read more

DragonFly Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grandaddy DragonFly is a tall plant of the finest dominant Indica quality. Our superior strain has a plethora of pleasant elements to offer patients. Starting with superb long sticky colas that extrude amazing amounts of resin. The full effect of this cannabis is a lasting high that is certainto increases one’s appetite for music, food and socializing.

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AK-47 Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy AK-47 medical marijuana is arguable one of the more pungent, thick smelling, sweet and spicy tasting strains whose buds are adorned with a thick layer of crystallized resin. With a hot green and yellowish hue all throughout them, every nugget shaped bud looks almost the same as the other. Covered in eye watering orange-brown pistils, this strain has a flavor that wi read more

Blue Dream Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy Blue Dream medical marijuana is a Sativa strain whose beautiful popcorn like buds are very dense, light sparkle in an array of blues that would make the “Northern Lights” pale with envoy. Adorned with crystals that have a definite shinny blue tone to them that’s harmoniously represented in its light green fuzzy leaf cluster counterpart, all riddled with bright orange hairs…

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Bubba Kush Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy Bubba Kush medical marijuana is one of the sweetest and fruitiest Indica strains ever to be grown on God’s green earth! This cannabis matures as a very thick and bushy plant, with short luminous bright green internodes and wide dark green leaves. Well endowed with gorgeous flowers our Kush has positive and distinctive taste characteristics giving clarity and definition to its heritage starting with its introduction in 1992.

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Grand Daddy Purp Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy Purp medical marijuana – There’s only one original and unequivocally… this is it! There are lots of imitators out there today, but this propriety “Royal Indica” strain whose puffy buds are unusually dense, magnificent in their unreal color scheme, their unmistakable smell, awesome taste and unbelievable potency are what make it, straight up uniquely… the “RealDeal!

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Ken’s Grand Daddy Medical Marijuana by GDP

Ken’s Grand Daddy is a champagne strain that’s defiantly “quality without compromise” making it a great way to start the day off or end the day, right. Our dominant Indica strain is like no other, and it’s just what the doctor ordered! You won’t find very many medical marijuana strains that taste like they smell, but be assured… this is one of them! Deliciously sticky, with a read more

Ken’s Kush Medical Marijuana by GDP

Ken’s Kush medical marijuana as in most cases, there’s the “best”… and then theirs the rest! Ken’s is not like any Kush strain that you have ever tried. With a mouth-watering flavor of pungent pine with absolutely no after taste and together with an accent of skunk aroma makes this dank, pungent herb a highly potent and a superb organic medical strain. The plants rich green b read more