Buddha Purple Kush

Buddha Purple Kush is a cross between The Purps and Blue Buddha.  Combines grape flavors of the Purps with the creamy berry tastes of Blue Buddha. 

New autoflowering strain from the fertile valleys and slopes of the Hindu Kush; our fast-flowering, 100% purple variety is the beautiful girl of any garden, not only for its passionate purple color but also for its unique and intense smell. Compact size and short grow cycle which makes of it the ideal strain for the impatient grower. Buddha Purple Kush indica buzz, not being overly narcotic, invites you to relax without spoiling the physical part of the individual.




Buddha Seeds

Seed Bank
Gender Feminised
Variety Mostly Indica
Type of flowering Autoflowering
Flowering time (indoors) 6-7 weeks
THC Medium THC(10-15%)
CBD Content Low
Yield Average
Plant Height Short

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