Bubba Kush Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy Bubba Kush medical marijuana is one of the sweetest and fruitiest Indica strains ever to be grown on God’s green earth! This cannabis matures as a very thick and bushy plant, with short luminous bright green internodes and wide dark green leaves. Well endowed with gorgeous flowers our Kush has positive and distinctive taste characteristics giving clarity and definition to its heritage starting with its introduction in 1992.

Well constructed, its buds are extremely compact and round in shape with bright orange hairs sprinkled through out the whole nugget. Each of the buds contains a good amount of crystals, and a resin production that is absolutely massive. The fragrance of the Bubba Kush is unique in that it resembles rich earth, with a dollop of tangerine.

bubba kush Grand daddy purp

bubba kush

Once you break open the bud you get a faint hint of citrus and chlorine undertones. These buds were grown, handled, and cured to perfection with a flavor that lingers lightly on the pallet for several minuets, making this highly sought after strain, a special treat for the oral senses. Our Bubba Kush’s superior medicinal properties might be a bit too much for some patients with anxiety, as it comes on very swiftly and is a bit overwhelming.

For other patients these same qualities make its nighttime usage an effective remedy for Insomnia . It also helps secure stiff muscles aces, relives pain, calms headaches and relaxes anxiety.

Source : granddaddypurp.com


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