Blue Dream Medical Marijuana by GDP

Grand Daddy Blue Dream medical marijuana is a Sativa strain whose beautiful popcorn like buds are very dense, light sparkle in an array of blues that would make the “Northern Lights” pale with envoy. Adorned with crystals that have a definite shinny blue tone to them that’s harmoniously represented in its light green fuzzy leaf cluster counterpart, all riddled with bright orange hairs…

simply majestic! 

This plants dense texture produces great amounts of trichomes that in part provide its discerning effervescent sour fruit taste. The other unique part is its unmistakable pine smell.

blue dream Grand daddy purp

Blue dream

Together this one-two-punch combined with the crystals of medicine that have completely encrust the flowers… is unlike anything that you have ever experienced. This outstanding strain could quite easily, become the top-of-mind choice by patients, because its extremely strong and deliciously skunky.

Penny for penny, pound for pound, medical marijuana doesn’t get much better than this. Our Grand Daddy Blue Dream’s superior medicinal properties make this strain perfect for relaxing all the muscles and any pains just seem to fade away along with the odd floating sensations that are quite impactful.

Also strong relief from chronic stomach pain and the anxiety wind down at days end.

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