Alchemy by TGA Subcool

Chemdog x Querkle

Alchemy fitu2019s the name for this hybrid, by mixing two Amazing strains Chemdog with itu2019s diesel /earthy tones acquired by Norstargenetics and crossing it to a TGA classic Querkle and itu2019s grape/musky aroma, youu2019ve got an instant hit u201c Alchemy u201d With Alchemy you get the best of both strains diesel / grape flavors that cover your tongue, great for daytime or night time use. you get a motivating and relaxing high thats also great for pain management. Expect to get the munchies with this strain, Alchemy is great for stimulating your appetite, and will be loved by fans of Chemdog and Querkle.

Phenotypes: We had two phenos one that was taller with strong diesel / grape flavor & the shorter one with earthy /musky aroma
Height: Medium height with 2x stretch
Yield: Medium yield with dense buds
Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor
Best way to grow: Top early to shape, cage or bamboo For support if needed
Harvest: 69 days days
Sat/Ind: 50/50
Hybrid: Chemdog x Querkle
High Type: Motivating / relaxing / pain relief / stimulating appetite
Taste/Aroma: Diesel / Grapes / musky / earthy
Test Results: THC: 21.46 CBD: 0.03 CBN: 0

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